Authors Interested in publishing with this journal are recommend that you review our homepage for the journal's section policies, as well as the Author Guidelines. Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting or, if already registered, can simply log in and begin the five-step process. 

Manuscript submission guidelines

While submitting the manuscript, the author is expected to strictly follow the submission guidelines. Failure to which, it may lead to rejection of the manuscript. Further, the author should clearly indicate the title for the manuscript, their name and their affiliate institution if any. This should be the same for the co-author(s). The format given in the author guideline section clearly shows how this should be presented. An author in the context of Research Acies Publications is anyone who has contributed to the manuscript content-wise.

Journal Ethics

The journal prescribes publication ethics for authors. The ethics should be followed strictly by the authors as this will form a strong basis of the manuscript being allowed for publication. Embedded in the process of publication is ensuring that the manuscript is not plagiarized or submitted in another journal. The work should be original and credible. The publication ethics are more elaborate on this.

Manuscript Handling Fee: 

Research Acies charges authors a manuscript handling fee of USD 100  payable at the point whereby the author receives confirmation for publication of the manuscript from the journal manager. This fee caters for the manuscript as it moves through the process to final publication. A confirmation message will be send to the author once the payment is received. The fee is paid through KENYA COMMERCIAL BANK USD ACC: 1219141054 or an equivalent of USD 100 TO KCB KSH ACC: 1219140996 OR MPESA PAYBILL NO: 767583 ACCOUNT NAME:  Publication. Manuscript reference number will be issued once the manuscript is received by the journal manager. Communication will be made in three phases; acceptance of the manuscript, review process underway, publication. The phases will be covered in a period not longer than 2 weeks. At the end of the process, the manuscript may be accepted with corrections to be made or accepted with no corrections.  In wanting to keep to the standards of the journal, the editors may institute changes to the manuscript. This will be clearly communicated to the authors before the changes are effected. 

Author's Privacy 

Research Acies guarantees confidentiality of the manuscript submitted for publication. As such, articles to be published undergo a double  blind peer-review. The manuscript will be handled by the concerned parties including the editors and reviewers. The process of carrying the journal to publication will be a confidential one and the manuscript will be made available at the point of acceptance for publication after the review process. To facilitate confidentiality, the name of the author(s) will not be included in the manuscript as it is being reviewed.  Additionally, the consent of the main author will be sought before publishing the journal.